5 Workplace Safety Tips to Protect Employees from Injury

By Hannah Smith - 17 Jul '19 11:30AM

Workplace injuries affect employee morale, productivity, and costs. It's important for businesses to take steps to prevent the risk of injury through safety training. But employees also need to do their part to protect themselves and the safety of others.

Here are five workplace safety tips that employees should know.

1. Take Regular Breaks

Employees should be taking their regular breaks to prevent fatigue which can lead to an accident. Tired workers are less aware of their surroundings and are at a greater risk of injury.

Make sure that employees are taking their breaks every day to keep them fresh and alert. Consider having your workers complete their most difficult tasks at the start of the day when they are most alert. 

2. Work on Your Posture

Posture plays an important role in preventing injuries regardless of which industry you're in.

Make sure that employees are trained and understand how to lift properly - with their legs, not their backs. Heavy objects should always be lifted safely and properly, with the help of a mechanical aid or another worker. 

Employees who work at desks should also maintain good posture to prevent back and neck problems as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. 

3. Report Unsafe Conditions

Employees should be encouraged to report unsafe conditions that could lead to an accident. Many workers keep quiet about hazards in the workplace out of fear of being fired. But it's difficult to maintain a safe workplace if employees and management aren't working together to address unsafe conditions as soon as they are discovered. 

"Employers who ignore OSHA rules and recommendations negligently put their employees at risk," says Jason D. Mills, a lawyer who specializes in worker's compensation. "Over the past few decades, whistleblower protections and enhanced enforcement have made it easier for workers to report problems and force corrective actions."

4. Always be aware of Your Surroundings

Every job has inherent dangers, whether you're in construction, a factory or an office. Employees can keep themselves safe simply by being aware of their surroundings.

When workers know their surroundings and are aware of potential hazards, they can avoid unnecessary or dangerous situations.

5. Don't Take Shortcuts

No employee should ever take shortcuts on procedures, particularly when working with heavy machinery. All workers should be using tools and machines according to instruction at all times.

Shortcuts can easily lead to an injury that could have otherwise been avoided.

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