Honeymoon Over? North Korea Says US 'Hell-Bent On Hostile Acts'

By Staff Reporter - 25 Jul '19 02:24AM
  • Honeymoon over? North Korea says US 'hell-bent on hostile acts'
  • (Photo : GETTY IMAGES) Honeymoon over? North Korea says US 'hell-bent on hostile acts'

Three days after President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un shared a warm and fuzzy moment on North Korean soil, the despotic regime accused the U.S. of being "hell-bent on hostile acts" against the secluded nation. 

North Korea's mission to the U.N. released the harsh statement Wednesday, saying it was responding to a letter co-signed by the U.S. urging nations hosting North Korean workers to send them back in accordance with global sanctions.

The letter was sent last week - a few days before the historic meeting of Trump and Kim - to all U.N. member states. The Trump administration also has lobbied the U.N.'s North Korea sanctions committee to halt all deliveries of refined petroleum to North Korea, a move put on hold by Russia and China.

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