Phoenix Tops The List: The 50 Hottest Cities In America

By Staff Reporter - 19 Jul '19 03:33AM

At the tail end of spring and as we're officially about to welcome summer, forecasts project temperatures are set to continue to rise. Many Americans will try to beat the heat with air conditioning, swimming pools, and cold drinks. Residents of certain cities face a much greater challenge than some others, with temperatures regularly exceeding 90 degrees, and in some cases even 100 degrees.

While warm and even hot weather can be enjoyable, extreme heat puts many - especially infants, young children and the elderly - at risk of heat-related illnesses. The frequency of heat-related health issues, such as heat stroke and exhaustion, is directly related to how high temperatures are and the level of humidity. According to the Department of Homeland Security, extreme heat often results in a greater number of annual deaths than any other weather-related hazard.

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