Vaping Teenagers: just having fun or becoming addicted?

By Staff Reporter - 30 Oct '18 13:11PM

Not only adults are getting hooked on vaping. Nowadays more and more teenagers are seen buying e-cig juice and various vape flavors. Why is that happening?

Remember me in my thirteen. And you know what? I think at that time I was watching cartoons with my friends and sometimes tried to wear my mom's heels. Nothing about smoking. Modern teenagers seem to be more independent and mature in these questions. They name several reasons to start vaping:

1. This is easy to hide. Parents do not know. It resembles a simple pen. They do what they should not do, but nobody scolds them. They feel as if they are the wisest. They like this feeling of mystery and secret also.

2. It helps to keep up with the fashion. Many celebrities do that. The skipper of the soccer team does it. Just everyone! Teens think that equals in age admire them more when they vaporize.

3. It may look like a fun game. You choose one out of a variety of vape flavors: candy, bubble gum, piper mint, pancakes, coffee, and unicorn. 'It sounds like a cartoon.' - explains one of the girls.

4. Smoke-like haze produced with a vape may also be addictive. It smells good. It seems cool. Teens like this. They don't think of what does this consist of. Here where the parents and teachers have to clarify the reality to the children, but they usually have no concerns about vapes.


People now believe that vaping to be the best way to use tobacco and quit smoking. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published some pieces of evidence that vaping can get teens addicted to nicotine. Moreover, they predict that e-cigs may be the very first step to smoking cigarettes. Scientists claim that safer doesn't mean harmless. All these 'funny' flavors contain a lot of chemicals. These chemicals do severe harm to your lungs. It may even cause 'popcorn lungs'.

The researcher Joseph Allen and his colleagues published their survey. They tested about 51 vape flavors. At least one harmful chemical was detected in 47 of them. Impressive, isn't it? Diacetyl (causes lymphocytic bronchiolitis), acetyl propionyl (which damages rats' brain), acetoin (which also causes 'popcorn lungs') were found among the following vape liquids: Blue Water Punch, Cupcake, Oatmeal Cookie, Waikiki Watermelon, Cotton Candy and Double Apple Hookah. The biggest mistake is that because of these funny names of flavors, e-cigs seem to be child-friendly, and people are simply ok with that.

Actually, many teens really use nicotine. You can regulate the concentration of nicotine in the vape liquid, and firstly you try a small dosage. Then you add more. Here is where you get hooked. Nicotine has many neurotoxic effects. It is highly addictive regardless where you get it from. Moreover, we never know what vape liquid contains. Dr. Skyler Kalady, assistant professor of pediatrics and medical director of complex care at the Cleveland Clinic published pieces of evidence that a strawberry-kiwi flavored vape could contain cannabis-infused oil. Are you ok with this now?


Adolescence is one of the most rebellious periods of human development. During this period a child forms the basic moral principles and the general outlook. We are the most vulnerable to any influences. We talk now not so much about physical health as about mental. Teens are susceptible to the thoughts of others, they are usually afraid of condemnation of the people around them. It is quite difficult for a teenager to refuse to do something. It is difficult for them to say 'No!' to the people who seem to be cool and fashionable. Teens have into pressure and provocation. Nothing is easier than to make them do something like a dare. And undoubtedly many of the teenagers (both girls and boys) are chasing after the fashion. All of this can lead to negative consequences, such as dependence on cigarettes or drugs, or gambling, or anorexia, or unwanted pregnancy, or STDs.


Changes in your child's behavior, late return home, neglecting some (not so cool) of the friends, neglecting your tips, some secrecy in the way of speaking and behaving and uncontrolled spending of money - all these become the first alarming clues that something goes wrong. Some of the parents may object to this and say that he had also tried to smoke cigarettes (there were no e-cigs at that time) and was walking with strange companies while he was a teenager. Some parents sincerely believe that their children will just "overgrow" this period, and all bad habits will recede into the background in the process of maturing.


In fact, many parents who faced the problem of their child's addiction admit that it is precisely the lack of awareness of children about the shortcomings and the dangers of smoking, which sometimes turn into serious problems. They regret that they did not tell their children about possible threats on time. Such conversations would help to avoid the development of addiction. Researchers of this social problem recommend that parents occasionally conduct preventive discussions with their children. They should not prohibit children from doing this in an orderly manner.

Psychologists consider the best option to have a light, easy conversation about whether a teenage is aware of, for example, the existence of electronic cigarettes and of what vape liquid contains. Make your child more interested in this topic rather than show your disapproval. This will highly help to establish trust between you.

Your child can find out about vaping from any source: TV, friends, the Internet, easy on the eye ad of premium vape juice... Just anything! Try to be the first who will tell your child about both advantages and disadvantages. Do not be importunate and never frighten your child. Just be frank and open. Make your child trust you. Make your child analyze information and take decisions on his or her own. This is the simple secret of success in upbringing.


About the author:

Margaret Wilson, a blogger who writes about the healthy way of life (healthy food, sports, motivation etc.)

Now she studies vaping as an alternative for people who are struggling with smoking.

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