Google starts testing Fuchsia OS on Pixelbook

By Staff Reporter - 03 Jan '18 15:19PM

Google has released a third operating system (OS) to Android developers and Chrome OS developers.

Major IT outsiders, including Mashable and BGR, said on Tuesday that they have released an early version of Fuchsia OS, which Google can install on its pixel books.

As the initial release of Fuchsia for PixelBook is released, the developer community will be able to learn more about Fukushia.

Google's first Fuchsia OS development news was announced in July 2016. Google engineers are creating a Fukushia project in the code repository hub and starting to open source development.

The biggest difference between Google's legacy OS and Fuxia is the kernel. Android and Chrome OS are based on the Linux kernel, but Fuchsia is based on Google's own magenta kernel. I have now changed the kernel name to Zircon.

Zircon was originally developed as a real-time OS for embedded systems, but it has been improved for more complex devices such as smartphones and computers. (IoT) devices, ATMs, traffic lights, and complex devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops.

But Fuchsia still remains a "mysterious OS" because Google is not clearly telling where to use it.

Google does not officially comment on Fuchsia. It's all about the early stages of a project that can change at any time.

"Fuchsia is an open source early-stage experimental project," said Dave Burke, Google's vice president of engineering for Android. "People can see and comment, and they will probably change and transform like other early-stage projects."

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