Stephen King's 'It' Official Trailer Is Out; Horror Movie Prepares To Terrify Viewers

By Marguerite Chang - 29 Mar '17 19:41PM

In true Stephen King fashion, the official teaser for the movie "It" is scary. It starts off with two boys in a room, with the older boy giving the other a paper boat. The boy leaves the house while it is raining hard and puts the paper boat on the pavement to be carried away by the rising waters.

He races after it playfully and didn't notice that a road block and bumps himself on it. He falls and the paper boat gets farther away from him until it falls off to the gutter and into the sewer. He takes a peek and suddenly sees a terrifying figure.

The next scene in "It" explains what is happening in the neighborhood. A 7 pm curfew is being enforced because kids have been mysteriously disappearing. A woman posts a Missing flyer in one of the posts and then pans into a room with many empty seats. A boy in the room sees a red balloon floating and follows it with his eyes.

Then a group of kids go inside a dark tunnel and talked about what they saw - a clown. The same face that the first boy with the paper boat saw inside the sewer. The boys get together and try to decipher what is happening. They take out an old map and realize that "It" is connected by the sewer system. They take out an old projector and play it only to realize that the projector is playing on its own. They try to stop it but they can't and then saw the last clip of a boy with a woman presumably but when her hair is blown away from her face, it revealed the face of "It", the clown.

The trailer ends with "What are you afraid of?" "It" will be shown in September 8. 2017.

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