Apple Releases iOS 10.3; These Changes Have Been Added

By Jeff Thompson - 28 Mar '17 05:41AM

Apple released the iOS 10.3 to everyone which include release to iPhones and iPads. Along with it, the tech major also released the versions MacOS 10.12.4 Sierra, watchOS 3.2, and tvOS 10.2. The new iOS update brings a number of changes in its features, some bug fixes, and improvements in total functionality.

The new update brings a new profile section in settings called "Apple ID". People can find their profiles on top of the settings, and they can check all the information related to their accounts. People can access their iTunes, iCloud, and App store information in a single location, and even the devices that are synced to the smartphone also can be traced there. The iCloud in Apple ID shows a better breakdown of cloud storage and people can manage the cloud services better. Also, the update brings Apple File System (APFS), a better, secure, encrypted and optimized for SSD and flash storage option, to manage the files better.

A new weather feature is added to the maps and people can easily get the weather details of searched place. The update adds a weather widget at the bottom right-hand corner, and people can see the weather of the particular location there. People can also get seven days weather details by launching the widget. Also, there is an app compatibility feature has been added to the phone, which helps people to identify non-compatible apps like the ones not receiving the updates. This can be accessed from About option under Settings, and the apps that are non-compatible will be displayed under applications. This is useful when the removed applications from iTunes can be clearly tracked.

It also brings an option to search Airpods better as there is an option to sign into Find my iPhone app and then find the Airpods associated with the account. Users can see the last paired location, or there is an option to ping and make it ring. The lastest update before iOS 11 is not letting down its fans.

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