‘Pokémon Go’ News And Updates: New Event Starts; Additional Water-type Pokémon Available Now

By Jeff Thompson - 23 Mar '17 05:45AM

The latest Pokémon Go event started on March 22, and it added new water-type Pokémon to the game as part of the event. The week-long event brings more surprises for the fans of the game, and it will be available until March 29, 1 p.m. PDT. Interestingly, the developer calls the new event as Water Festival event.

The new event adds better chances to locate Magikarp, Squirtle, and Totodile, and its evolutions while playing the game. Also, there are high chances of spotting Water-type Pokémon during the period and, it includes the Pokémon that are located in the Johto region. Interestingly, people would have an opportunity to even find Lapras, a rare Pokémon that is not commonly seen. Gamers can now try to locate these Pokémon in the areas where Water-type Pokémon are usually found.

The game also added a new hat to the game during the period called Magikarp Hat. The tradition of adding a hat to each event is now a trend, and it started with Santa hat during the Christmas event and continued on Pokemon Day event with a party hat. Does the developer Niantic think that hat is a necessary thing for each event or it is very important in engaging the gamers?

The previous day, the developers updated a new version of the game for both Android and iOS users. The development team confirms that the 7-day streak at the PokéStop help the gamers to get a random Evolution item. The update also fixed some minor issues with the game. However, there is no significant feature or functionality has been added to the game with the update. According to the latest reports, there are three more major updates are planned to release on the game in the year. Reports are stating that first two updates could be for Legendary Pokemon and to celebrate the Pokemon Go first anniversary.

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